We are aware and concerned about the environment impacts that could be caused due our economic activity. We believe that the environment sustainability will be crucial for both the company and staff development.

The consumption of fossil fuels due the development of the society and economics activities is being responsible for the excess of Green House Gases (GHG) on the atmosphere, causing the global warming and the climate change.

The climate change is causing a lot of problems to millions of people around the world, accounting for the volatility of the harvest or by the climate disasters that are happening with more frequency nowadays. Because of these strong evidences, at Oseaan Progress we are aware about the impacts of our activity are causing on the environment and we have chosen to take a responsible position about that.

To know the real impact that we are causing on the environment, we will measure our carbon footprint annually.

Moreover our goal is to spread the message through our workers and partners about the climate change issues, by this way we all could contribute to make the world more sustainable.